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Do you have a turnover exceeding 10m?

£10m Plus Turnover?

We Can help You

Here at Bracey’s, nothing pleases us more than helping businesses maximise their profits.

We have a wealth of experience working with larger businesses. In fact, we work alongside companies with turnovers in excess of £20m, providing tax and accounting advice combined with our detailed business planning support, making sure they maximise profits wherever possible.

The turnover thresholds which we can help with vary hugely. We have worked recently with numerous companies enjoying turnovers exceeding £10m, and were able to save them significant amounts of tax through preparing or carrying out tax planning exercises.

From outsourced financial management and R & D Tax Credits eligibility testing, to internal control reviews and ensuring your finance department is running efficiently; let us tailor a solution that adds value to your organisation.

Get in touch with us now to discuss ways in which we could save you substantial amounts of money through expert tax planning.