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  • Do you run a brewery or distillery?
  • Do you invest in new beverages?
  • Do you develop new products or processes?
  • Do you spend money directly or indirectly on the above?
If you answered yes to these then read on about your potential rebates.

You’re disrupting the marketplace and keeping consumers happy with new and exciting styles and flavours of drinks; both alcoholic and non-acoholic. 

Beers, spirits, wines, adult soft drinks and non alcoholic; research and development costs you plenty, with no guarantee of a return on investment. 

However, R&D in food and drink is an area the government view as crucial to the UK's economy. They are therefore encouraging this activity through offering tax breaks called Research & Development tax credits, or R & D claims.

Substantial government tax rebates.
If you have under 500 employees and have invested in developing innovative new products, processes or services; then you're likely to be eligible for a cash payment and/or corporation tax reduction.

What is it?
It’s a government backed scheme to encourage innovation with tax refunds. A way for them to invest in your business. The money can even be used as an alternative to innovation grants for R&D funding.

What it means.
It’s simple. It’s a chance to take advantage of tax relief, a way of the government investing in your business. The money can even be used as an alternative to innovation grants for research and development funding.

Profit or Loss Project Rebates.
If you are a profit-making company that’s invested in research and development, then you could be refunded up to 26% of eligible costs.
Loss-making companies can also receive cash back for up to 33% of eligible costs. Claims can even be made for up to the last 2 years.

How Bracey’s can help
We can offer a Free Eligibility test with no obligation.
We will minimise director’s involvement for convenience.
It’s a 100% seamless process.
No win no fee. Yes, you read that correctly.
No minimum years tie up agreement once we’ve done the above. or call 01462 413249 and we can talk.